No Change in Cuba?

Opponents to the restoration of relations with Cuba asserted that the opening would not change Cuba in the least. No effects. Well, President Raul Castro is thinking of rejoining the Catholic Church – the Pope Francis visit also became a change agent. Even before his visit when the Pope helped broker the U.S.-Cuba rapprochement, the Church could run an after-school program and community centers. It would also like to open a radio and television station and distribute literature. No change? The U.S. also has eased the rules facilitating doing business in Cuba. No change? Abrupt departures in foreign policies always produce some change, most often with mutually beneficial policies most often.September 20, 2015


In an interconnected media world of news reporting, when the Republicans clearly denigrate President Obama by calling him a Muslim, they seem not to care about the consequences of doing it. While it may be lightly dismissed in the United States, abroad it is seen as a bigoted insult to all Muslims. It only feeds already common anti-American attitudes. Dumb. September 20, 2015

Not a Shift or Pivot

September 20, 2015

The move to open talks with Russia is a logical continuation of U.S. policy in Syria. American forces in Syria have not attacked the Assad regime. The air and modest allied ground forces were given orders to combat ISIL alone. Secretary of State told reporters on a recent visit to London that reiterated U.  ...more

The Politics of Insecurity in Somalia

September 21, 2015

Almost every aspect of the security in Somalia is outsourced to deeply entrenched competing foreign interests of various shades. None of them are accountable to the Somali government. Not even the legally mandated African Union force- AMISOM.

Contrary to the noble services that it provided in its early years, AMISOM has become a serious liability to the stabilization and also the main obstacle to Somalia’s sovereignty....more

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