Despite the election setback, President Obama has opportunities to advance important national interests. Trade deals, something the Democratic Senate didn’t like, find more favor among Republicans. Fast-track legislation, giving the president more leeway on negotiations, could pass, paving the way for progress on negotiations on establishing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and even on the tariff-reducing agreement with the EU.November 07, 2014

Another Opportunity

As the November 24 deadline (could be extended) to conclude an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program approaches, actually coming to a deal could defuse Obama’s most potentially dangerous foreign policy issue. Getting the congressional OK, necessary for lifting sanctions on Iran, will not be easy. Republicans backed by Israel will oppose any agreement. However, once a deal defuses the bomb issue, the opposition most likely would fade. November 07, 2014

Bad Foreign Policy Trouble

November 15, 2014

When a government becomes dysfunctional, the management of its foreign policy also becomes dysfunctional, even though ostensibly controlled by the executive. We witness two branches of government in Washington – maybe three – at loggerheads, determined to depower each other.  ...more

Pen-Palling with the Ayatollah

November 08, 2014

Only the ideologues and ignorant don't understand Obama's letter to Khamenei is just pragmatic politics.

If wearing a tan suit at a press conference is enough to bring on a deluge of criticism , President Barack Obama probably shouldn't be surprised that sending a letter to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has made some heads spin....more

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