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It has been credibly reported that a faction of the GOP has created a supposed Web site from a group called America Rises. It has a liberal agenda, supporting Senators Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in their attack on Obama and the TPP. Its messages go to anti-trade liberal groups and individuals. Labor unions are favored, with targets Obama, Clinton, and congressional Democrats. Pro-trade Republicans cannot be happy. May 20, 2015

China and the TPP

The White House is making a renewed effort to connect China with the function of the TPP. Announced earlier but vanishing from the debate, TPP is designed to produce at least three outcomes. First is to solidify the U.S. position in the most dynamic economic region, both with political and military considerations in mind. It will also include provisions for lower tariffs, intellectual property rights, and for labor standards, human rights, and the environment that the 12 signatories must follow. China, although left out, will be invited to join if it accepts these provisions. In this vein, the Obama administration insists that TPP is neither anti-China nor part of any containment policy. May 20, 2015

Foreign Policy and the 2016 Presidential Election

May 20, 2015

All indications are that foreign policy will be the central issue in the 2016 presidential election. The Republicans, regardless of whom their candidate will be, have already decided to repeat their issue assault on the central expertise of the Democratic candidate, expecting Hillary to be it.  ...more

On Iran, the GCC Is Paying the Price of Relying on Benjamin Netanyahu

May 20, 2015

Despite the realization coming out of last week’s Camp David summit that the United States and the GCC states will still need each other in dealing with common challenges, there is one issue that was simply not going to be resolved at Camp David: the GCC fear of expanding Iranian influence as Iran comes out of international isolation....more

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