Cuba and the United States have announced the imminent opening of their embassies. This foreign policy shift in a top counterproductive policy is long overdue, according to virtually all analysts if not members of Congress. The Republican leaders there have stated their intention to leave in place Cold-War sanctions on the island. Stupidity is not dead.July 02, 2015


Trita Parsi, the foremost analyst of Iranian foreign policy, on June 28 described in The Huffington Post the deal reached on a phased lifting of economic sanctions on Iran. (See it re-posted as the Guest Article.) This was largely ignored until recently, as far as we can tell, by the major American media. The key issue remaining, as now widely reported, is over IAEA inspections of possible nuclear military sites. July 02, 2015

Feeding the Pentagon and Its Friends

July 02, 2015

There is a well-known phrase that the Pentagon is preparing to win the last war. Today, that seems way off the mark. The military is seemingly not primarily focusing on crushing insurgencies, whether by alienated minorities or even revolutionary movements, such as ISIS, that threaten allies, regional stability, or promote genocide.  ...more

P5+1 and Iran Have Settled Framework for Sanction Relief Timing, Says Iranian Sources

June 28, 2015

Contrary to public posturing on the timing and pace of sanctions relief, a framework for handling this critical matter of the nuclear deal has been resolved, according to Iranian sources.

Iranian officials have on numerous occasions insisted that sanctions relief must come immediately upon the signing of an agreement....more

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