Why are the American people so ill-informed about world affairs, whether the Iran nuclear deal, TPP, or the breakthroughs in the Syrian War? Americans when they travel abroad are universally surprised at how well informed are foreigners and at their often-insightful evaluation of international events as compared to fellow Americans. October 31, 2015

A Cause

While the media is not the cause of ignorance, it is one that to foreign policy analysts is blaringly evident. Well, everyone seems to be picking on the U.S. media for a variety of reasons. For analysts, it is the lack of in-depth international reporting from radio and television, even most newspapers aside from two or three national ones. Cut backs in foreign correspondents have diluted coverage. On the October 28 PBS News Hour, a reliable source, only roughly 45 seconds out of 50 minutes were devoted to analyzing its only foreign issue, breakthroughs in the Syrian War. October 31, 2015

Bigotry and Stupidity are Abroad in the Land

November 26, 2015

The reasons for these egregious cultural and political flaws are understandable if not excusable. As someone who decades ago during the Reagan administration analyzed and wrote about terrorism and testified before Congress on the matter (let me puff: the leading British terrorism expert told the BBC that I was one of the top five American experts in the field), I know how complex and counterintuitive the subject is.  ...more

What the War on the Islamic State Means for Syria

November 26, 2015

Crisis Group: What has been the impact so far of the escalating campaign of airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria?

Noah Bonsey: Itís too early to speak in precise terms about impact, but the Islamic State (IS) is an organisation that has learned to adapt to airstrikes....more

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