Arms to Ukraine

Pressure is building as more voices advocate – now including that of DNI James Clapper – for sending weapons to Kiev. They cite the fact that Putin is determined not to stop his assault until he seizes the strategic port of Mariupol. If he succeeds in his aggression, the Russian leader will win a huge victory and produce a huge humiliation of the West. It is hard to believe that the administration has not prepared for this possible shift in its strategy.February 27, 2015

Netanyahu's Attack

The Israeli leader’s blatant attack on Obama and his Iran negotiations is unprecedented, but it will likely work to gain him an election victory on March 17. He must know that he and his congressional allies cannot prevent the likely coming deal with Iran, but there is another important electoral reward in mind for both him and his friends in Congress.February 27, 2015

The Future of War

February 27, 2015

This is the title of a two-day conference this week in Washington sponsored and directed by New America and Arizona State University. It brought together many leading theorists, historians, and practitioners in the theory and conduct of war. As an invitee, I expected some insights into the wars that will continue, the wars that will likely occur, how they will be conducted, and what outcomes they will produce.  ...more

Netanyahu Has Crossed the Point of No Return on Iran

February 27, 2015

(CNN)Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's open conflict with U.S. President Barack Obama over his diplomacy with Iran has not only served a blow to the U.S.-Israeli relationship. It has also collapsed Israel's otherwise arguably successful Iran policy.

Contrary to Israel's rhetoric, the fear of Iran getting a nuclear weapon has not been the driving factor of Israel policy on Iran since the early 1990s....more

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