The Need for War

An article in the April 13 New York Times told the story of upcoming West Point graduates concerned that there may not be a war for them, one that will assist in their promotions to higher rank. Combat leadership experience is needed for that. As a result, many grads are looking to volunteer for Special Forces duty, thereby getting a better chance to be in combat.April 15, 2014

CNN Myopia

Turn on CNN and expect to get the latest, in-depth analysis on the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine? Sorry, Flight 370 is bigger news. Inexplicable!April 15, 2014

Putin's Well-Planned Ukraine Strategy

April 15, 2014

Letís face it, Russian President Vladimir Putinís planned takeover of Ukraine is brilliant. It will likely succeed. His strategy has two sequential parts. First, he will occupy eastern Ukraine, the regions around Donetsk and around Luhansk. Once consolidated, Putin will bring the rest of Ukraine to his side, thus uniting the country as a satellite of Russia.  ...more

Why the Saudis Are Panicking

April 05, 2014

As President Barack Obama must have noticed during his visit, there is a panicky tone to almost everything the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does these days, whether itís campaigning for two years to win a coveted seat on the UN Security Council only to give it up immediately after the vote , or its public pronouncements of going it alone in the chaos of Syria, or its break with its fellow Arab state Qatar , or the closing of the Al Jazeera office in Riyadh, or the banning of the books of renowned Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish Or, of course, its opposition to diplomacy over Iranís nuclear program and the prospects of a US-Iranian thaw....more

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