Is there anything that fits what used to be called regular television and newspaper news? Now, more than ever, it appears that both media are doing “Bad News Today:” Ebola, ISIL, Benghazi, Obamacare, veterans affairs, climate change, sea level rise, terrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the slumping economy. 24/7. Fear, anxiety, and anti-Obama. October 25, 2014


The Republicans will win control of the Senate and thus all of Congress. Effects on foreign policy? We can expect an attempted sabotage of any Iran nuclear deal; pressure for boots on the ground in Iraq and even Syria; and larger cuts in income-support programs to allow for a bigger, more robust Pentagon. October 25, 2014

Dealing with Radical Neo-Islamists: Home Grown and imported

October 24, 2014

The self-called Islamic State (it is neither Islamic nor a state) has fueled panic by politicians and the media, mainly in the United States. Their mantra consists of dire warnings that Americans are under grave terrorist threats from IS fighters with passports coming back to the country bent on perpetrating massive destruction and from home grown terrorists who, under the sway of IS, will do the same thing.  ...more

Toward a Lasting Ceasefire in Gaza

October 25, 2014

More than seven weeks after the most devastating war yet waged in Gaza, its underlying causes remain unresolved. Hamas did not achieve an end to Gaza’s closure; Israel did not attain the demilitarisation of the Strip or Hamas. The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) remains unrepresentative and its credibility continues to fade....more

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