Iran Deal

For over an hour President Obama answered questions at a July 15 White House news conference. He clearly showed his mastery of the deal with Iran over its nuclear program, deftly answering a full range of questions. He emphasized that preventing Iran from developing a nuclear bomb overrode all other issues in dispute and challenged critics to articulate a strategy that rejected diplomacy for accomplishing that crucial task.July 16, 2015


Obama expressed his expectation that Congress would not be able to reject the agreement, and even poked fun at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for saying that Iran’s intentions are to take over the world. He did not name him, but everyone certainly knows the author of that ridiculous statement. The Israeli leader has made it clear that he and his American allies will lobby hard for Congress in the 60 days allotted to it to reject the deal. July 16, 2015

Cuba Will Change

July 22, 2015

The Cuban Embassy in Washington opened yesterday with the raising of the Cuban flag there and in the State Department lobby, joining all the flags of countries with diplomatic relations with the United States. The opening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana coincided, but the flag raising there awaits the arrival next month of Secretary of State John Kerry.  ...more

Netanyahu Steered U.S. Toward War with Iran -- the Result Is a Deal He Hates

July 22, 2015

Much of the criticism of the Iran nuclear deal has focused on the fact that it is entirely limited to the nuclear issue, which leaves Iran a free hand — and new resources — to continue policies that have angered regional and international players. There is no denying that if Iran plays its hands well and uses the next decade to build its economic and political potential, its regional influence is likely to expand, as is its capacity to do the sort of things that have angered Israel and Gulf Arab states....more

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